Advertising | Promotion | Invitations: Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel

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Fondation Boubo Music, Binningen: Programme

Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen: Exhibition Posters

Stiftung Basler Wirrgarten: Event Program

blindekuh, Basel / Zurich: Key Visual

Hotel Alpenruhe, Wengen: Give-Aways

Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur: Exhibition Poster and Invitation Card

R23, Styling and Casting, Basel: Mini Postcards

Claudia Güdel: Shopping pass

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication Tools, 2015

Presidential Department of the City of Basel Stadt: Postcards, Give-Aways

Ceveysytems GmbH, Munich: Image Brochure

DayOne, Basel Area Swiss: Invitations, Brochures and Flyers

Rolf Lüpke Rechtsberatung, Basel: Leaflet and Stationery

HMC, Human Management Consulting, Basel: Newsletters

BVB, Basler Verkehrsbetriebe: Event Invitations

blindekuh, Basel / Zurich: poster

BVB, Basler Verkehrsbetriebe: Route Timetables

Kunstmuseum Solothurn: Exhibition Poster

Halle 7, Basel: Flyer and Poster "Ladies Night"

ipw Marketing AG ASW, Basel: Image Brochure

KBH.G: Exhibition "Evaporating Suns": Advertising

Fashion Room Basel: Flyers and Poster

BVB, Basler Verkehrsbetriebe: Image Brochure

ping-pong-basel-miami: Coomunication tools, 2022

DJ kreie, Basel: Coasters, Flyers, Posters

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication Tools, 2011

KBH.G, Basel: Carlo Borer – Sleeping with the Gods, Exhibition Advertising

Claude & Fabian Walter Galerie, Zurich: Invitation Card

Basler Wirrgarten, Basel: Brochure Of Offerrs

Kunstverein Freiburg i.B.: Invitations

Presidential Department of the City of Basel Stadt: Event Visuals, Signage

Restaurant Rubino, Basel: Invitation Leaflet

Primetime Show by Joël von Mutzenbecher, Basel: Key Visual

KBH.G, Basel: Poster Campaign

Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel: Leaflet

Bistro Kunstmuseum, Basel: Flyers, Menu Cards

Halle 7, Basel: Flyer and Poster "Dîner Lumière"

STAMPA Galerie, Basel: Invitation Cards

Restaurant Rubino, Basel: A5-Cards

Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Basel: Communication Tools

Restaurant Union, Basel: Menu Cards, Give-aways, etc.

Sibylle Piermattei-Geiger, Basel-Cecina: Invitation Card "Kostümwelten"

Kunst Raum Riehen: Invitation Card

Halle 7, Basel: Calendars, Stationery and Menu Cards

City of Basel Music Academy: Brochure

Patty & Reto: Invitation and Menu Cards

KBH.G, Basel: Megaposters

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication Tools, 2019

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication Tools, 2014

Kulturstadt Jetzt, Basel: Campaign Communication

Plattfon, Record Store, Basel: Posters, Flyers

Esther Hiepler, Artist: Exhibition Leaflet

Doris & Paul-David Becker, Magden: Menu and Invitation Card

Design Box Basel: Flyer and Poster

Farbica, Riehen: Direct Mailings

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication Tools

basel tanzt, Tanzfestival, Basel: Invitations, Programme and Website

Conrad Jon Godly, Artist: Invitation Cards

Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern: Poster an Invitation Card

Berrel Architekten BSA SIA SWB, Basel: Greeting and Business Cards

Kunst Raum Riehen: Exhibition Poster and Media

Château de Nyon / PS1 New York: Exhibition Media

BVB, Basler Verkehrsbetriebe: Hanging poster

Franz Umzüge: Direct Mailings and Coupons

BSP International, Baden: Newsletters

FSOD, Lausanne: Brochure, Fondation suisse pour le don d'organes

Baumschule Schmid, Ettingen: Direct Mailings

Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel: Invitation Cards

Association Galleries in Basel: Leaflets 2001-2009

trink GmbH, Basel: Advertising key visuals

Edetària, Terra Alta: Brochure

Kunstraum Baden: Invitation

Club Abuse: Poster

Identitat, Horta de Sant Joan: Brochure

ping-pong-basel-miami: Communication tools, 2023