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R23, Styling and Casting, Basel: Logo and CD

Sibylle Piermattei-Geiger, Basel/Cecina: "Retrospective"

Tiprego, Basel: Website

Fashion Room Basel: Flyers and Poster

Cooper Outerwear Co., New York: Logo and CD Development

Tiprego, Basel: Gift box

Megan Lorraine, Milan: Logo and Corporate Design

Mitica, In Line Hair Design, New York: Logo and Corporate Design

Claudia Güdel: Shopping pass

FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Fashion Design: Publication

Andy Johns Long, Label, New York: Logo Design

Sibylle Piermattei-Geiger, Basel-Cecina: Invitation Card "Kostümwelten"

R23, Styling and Casting, Basel: Mini Postcards

Fashion Room Basel: Logo Development

Hair & More, New York: Logo Development