Corporate Design | Logo Development: trink GmbH, Basel

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Design Domains: Logo

Design Box Basel: Logo and CD

SSAR Architekten, Basel: Logo and CD

invino Wine Bar, Basel: Logo and CD Development

Berrel Architekten BSA SIA SWB, Basel: Corporate Design, Website

Grundstein AG: Logo

The Solo Project, Art Fair, Brussels: Logo And Claim Development

Doris & Paul-David Becker, Magden: Emblem

Sarasin Art, Basel: Logotype and CD

Blue in Green, Jeru Ilfu, Basel: Logo and Blog Development

inoxa AG, Zeiningen: Logotype and CD

Bizaff, Essaouira, Morocco: Logo and CD

ko.koo., René Schmalz, Trogen: Logo and Letterheads

TileTale, Basel: Logotype and CD

R23, Styling and Casting, Basel: Logo and CD

May Früh, Feldenkrais SFV, Basel: CD Development

David Buser, Basel: Logo and CD

Cooper Outerwear Co., New York: Logo and CD Development

C-Level Media, Zurich: Logo and CD

LOST Architekten GmbH, Basel: Logotype

Halle 7, Basel: Logo and CD

Mitica, In Line Hair Design, New York: Logo and Corporate Design

BSP International, Baden: Logotype and CD Development

ping-pong-basel-miami: Logo and CD

STAMPA Galerie, Basel: Logotype

Galerie Idea Fixa, Basel: Logo and CD

Club Abuse: Logotype and CD

Bistro Kunstmuseum, Basel: Corporate Design

Die Organisation GmbH, Basel: Logotype

Swiss Made Software, swiss dev alliance: Logotype

Schoch | von Mutzenbecher, Basel: Logo and CD

Schröder Steiner Gold: Logotype

Steuerwald GmbH, Binningen: Logo and CD

Hair & More, New York: Logo Development

Steuerwald & Partner, Binningen: Logo and CD

Desirée Petitpierre Arts Management: Logo and CD

Schuurmans Therapeutikum, Münchenstein: Logo and CD

tribolet•arch, Basel: Logotype and CD

Save Dangkhar: Logo and CD

Multimedia Solutions, North Bergen: Logo and Corporate Design

Bernstein Bâtir AG: Logo and Corporate Design

Pasta-Pasta, Pastificio Basilese: Logo and CD

FidesMed, Basel: Logo and CD

Fashion Room Basel: Logo Development

Markus Weisskopf, Art Collector: Logo

Stiftung Basler Wirrgarten: Anniversary Logo

DayOne, Basel Area Swiss: Logo and CD Development

Andy Johns Long, Label, New York: Logo Design

Wibrandis Stiftung, Basel: Logo and CD Development

Schuurmans Therapeutikum, Münchenstein: Logos and CD

Restaurant Rubino, Basel: Logo and CD

Scush, Band, Pratteln: Logo, Visuals

Per Tutti Ristorante, Basel: Logo and CD Development

Megan Lorraine, Milan: Logo and Corporate Design

Basler Wirrgarten, Basel: Logo and Corporate Design

Brönnimann Treuhand, Haldenstein: Logotype, Corporate Design

blindekuh, Basel / Zurich: Anniversary Logo

Dismantle, Contemporary Art Collection, Basel: Logotype, CD and Website

GIN Transport: Logo and CD

Fondation Boubo Music, Binningen: Logo Development

Rolf Lüpke Rechtsberatung, Basel: Logo and CD

Franz Umzüge: Logo and CD

Tony Wuetrich Galerie, Basel: Logotype and Corporate Design

Hotel Alpenruhe, Wengen: Logo and CD

Coaching Office, Basel: Logo and CD

Pillier SA: Logotype

Bacio, Bio-Bistro, Basel: Logo and CD

RFV Basel: Playlist Pictogram

Angela Faust, Akupunktur, Basel: Logo and CD Development